MSBS Energy Pvt Ltd

MSBS ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED (MSBSEPL) thrive to propose and implement the available and proven technologies in the renewable energy sector considering their attributes to social improvement and zero environment pollution factor thus leading to good public health, pollution free environment and thus leaving this earth to the future generations with a healthy and prosperous social set up for a really happy living. As we experience continued growth of populations, waste management and its disposal has become one of the major global issues of the twenty-first century as more waste is required to be disposed of, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Managing waste in any community is an important part of providing a safe and healthy living environment for the people. New legislations require governments to manage waste and to prevent it causing health or environmental problems. One of the most difficult issues facing the world is the mounting waste problem which affects public health, pollutes the environment and threatens to leave future generations with longlasting and harmful environmental legacies.

The world has a strong dependence on landfill for waste management with more than half (54%) of all solid waste being deposited in a landfill. It is estimated that 70% of municipal waste, 56% of commercial and industrial waste, and 43% of construction and demolition waste goes to landfill. While there are many types of environmental problems with regard to waste, landfills are one of the more difficult to fix. In addition, landfills are unpopular as local residents do not wish to have them located close to their homes. The environmental problems caused by landfills are numerous. Landfills produce emissions and substances, which are often toxic, that enter atmosphere or ground water. They can also harm wildlife and may contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer.

War on Waste

Waste, however, does not have to be a liability and can in fact be a valuable resource. Instead of land filling or incinerating municipal solid waste and other industrial waste streams, whether hazardous or nonhazardous, MSBSEPL and its Technical Collaboration Partner, GlobalGreen International (GGI), with its proven and patented Pyrolysis technology, offers a viable alternative to Landfill, diverting difficult to manage Residual Waste from landfill, and turning it into a feedstock for the production of renewable energy and green fuels.

Our patented Pyrolysis Technology has secured the exclusive worldwide licenses and rights with the proven international standards and norms rendered through acceptable engineering and thus we are pleased to present this to you for review. We understand the dynamics of the waste management market that government's face and recognize the unique opportunity to work in cooperation with local bodies and state & Central Governments to provide a solution to their needs.

Our unique ability to harness the established technology, coupled with our sound and sustainable business approach, makes us an invaluable participant in waste management, especially in the waste to energy sector. Our Consortium's mission is to deliver innovative, efficient, profitable and environmentally responsible solutions that convert waste-into-fuel-into-energy and achieve zero-waste solutions for the communities in which we operate. Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of complex organic matter in the absence of oxygen to simpler molecules that can be used as feed stocks for many processes. The main products derived by the pyrolysis process are - Activated Carbon, Bio Diesel and Synthetic Gas.