MSBS ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED (MSBSEPL) thrive to propose and implement the available and proven technologies in the renewable energy sector considering their attributes to social improvement and zero environment pollution factor thus leading to good public health, pollution free environment and thus leaving this earth to the future generations with a healthy and prosperous social set up for a really happy living. As we experience continued growth of populations, waste management and its disposal has become one of the major global issues of the twenty-first century as more waste is required to be disposed of, in an environmentally friendly manner. Managing waste in any community is an important part of providing a safe and healthy living environment for the people. New legislations require governments to manage waste and to prevent it causing health or environmental problems.

Bi-Products derived through Pyrolysis


Syn-gas, or synthetic gas, is the name given to volatile gas that has been created by the pyrolysis chamber and containing varying amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Green Diesel

Consisting of chemicals with a wide range of molecular weight distribution that can be used as a direct replacement for Standard Diesel used in energy generation among other usesd.

Bio - Char

Our Pyrolysis Plant only creates a very small amount of bio-char and this is a significant co-product of the pyrolysis process having properties similar to coke.

Core Team


We at MSBSE are committed to implanting “green” initiatives that assist in reducing our carbon footprint. We take pride in being environmentally responsible and consider the impact on the environment in all of our decisions.


Environmental monitoring is important in terms of evaluating the performance of pollution control equipments installed in the project during operation. The sampling and analysis of the environmental attributes will be as per the guidelines of CPCB.


Our experts that provides professional Work

Our Partner

Global Green International, a globally renowned Waste Management & Energy producer, head quartered in Singapore, is our Financial and Technology Partner in this venture. Our advanced next generation Technology simultaneously caters to the solution of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) elimination and also generates much needed electricity power. GGII’s proven Pyrolysis technology is a viable alternative to Landfill, diverting difficult to manage Residual Waste from landfill, and turning it into a feedstock for the production of renewable energy and green fuels.